10/24/13: Jim Rilee’s Email about his record

NOTE: This is NOT an endorsement of Jim Rilee for Township Council. REACT does NOT endorse ANY candidate for ANY political position!

Roxbury Residents,

The individual running against Mark Crowley, Bob DeFillippo and me has circulated some false information about the Highlands Council and how it effected the opening of the Fenimore Landfill. I am supplying the following information to counter these false allegations that I or my fellow Council Members somehow supported this project.  In fact every action taken by me and/or my fellow council-members proves that we have fought this project from the very beginning.

The following information clearly shows that the Highlands Council had NO impact on the opening of the dump. By law, the NJDEP has exclusive jurisdiction over landfills.  Additionally. the resolution approved by the Highlands Council, that I did not vote on, applies solely to the Solar Panels that would have been installed if or when the dump was capped.

I ask you to please take a moment to review the links below to see the truths about this project:

Minutes of the Highlands Council meeting of 10/13/2011


Copy of the Highlands Staff project review that states that DEP is responsible for the landfill and this is strictly for the solar project.


Copy of the page of the Highlands Council Considered Projects. Fenimore is the 6th item from the top. This page shows the public comments and items listed above.


The Roxbury Township web page also provides a complete time line of the actions taken by the Mayor and Council with regard to the landfill.  http://www.roxburynj.us/

Attached is a memo outlining the approval from the Highlands Council and how it does NOT involve the capping of the Fenimore Landfill: Riley-8.8.12 Memo Fenimore

Also, the Sierra Club and Jeff Tittel supported this project from the beginning, despite our concerns. Sierra Club letter

Hopefully, this information will help you understand the truth. You are welcome to reach out to me to discuss any part of this email or to continue our work together to end this horrific situation.

Thank you, Jim Rilee


Jim Rilee
Roxbury Township
2011 “America’s Promise Alliance 100 Best Communities for Young People”

Email: rileej@roxburynj.us