Welcome to the R.E.A.C.T. website!

The Roxbury Environmental Action CoaliTion  was founded by a group of highly concerned Roxbury Township neighbors and friends who wanted to ensure a safe and healthy future for our families.

4-9-14: Just to let everyone know with the intense fight going on with Fenimore, ONLY the Fenimore page is being updated right now. Please join us in fighting our elected officials to get back our quality of life, house values, township, and most importantly our health. Thank YOU!

1-12-14: Happy New Year/Bridgegate/Fenigate: Happy New Year to all! Another year and the Fenimore disaster is still with us. While WE have accomplished so much in a little less than a year, we are still living on daily basis with the effects of the Fenimore Landfill. From health to quality of life to financial, the problems still exist. While the “smell” might have gotten better, it is STILL there even in the winter and based on previous studies, it will only get worse.

As a result, REACT is starting on 1/13/14 a multi-pronged approach to get the attention of government officials and media to fix Fenimore Landfill permanently so we do not have to worry about any of the effects for the next 20 to 30 years. The first phase is going back to basics and email, call, and write our elected officials to tell them we are still here, our issues, and what we want done. Please go the ACT page HERE to do so. If the email does not go thru, copy the body of your letter, go to the FENIMORE PAGE HERE, and paste it into the form. IF that doesn’t work, then wait till the next day and try again. We can only send 50 emails per site per day. Thanks for your patience, understanding, and support.

Other things you can do.
1. Sign the petition HERE.
2. Sign up for our newsletter HERE.
3. Write letters to the editor at the Star Ledger, Daily Record, Bergen Record, etc.
4. Comment online to EVERY Bridgegate article that is posted.
5. Signup for Twitter, be a follower of REACT, and tweet to anyone and everyone.

REACT will be releasing details of other initiatives in the coming weeks so stay tuned.


11-14-13: Rally in Trenton from 10am to 2pm: We are going to Trenton to show the Government we are: NOT happy the mountain looks like an industrial complex; concerned about our health, angry at the lack of transparency and no public meetings, and our property values going down.  We want the Post-2010 Material SEP dumped on the Fenimore Site trucked out! Please join us and show that we ARE Roxbury Strong! Park at the Horseshoe Lake Beach  Parking Lot, hop on the bus ($10 per adult, kids under 18 free), bring your signs, wear your Roxbury Colors and warm clothes, and join us, guest speakers, and the media in front of the State House!! The bus leaves HSL at 9:15am sharp and will return around 3:30pm. Please signup here if you are going (bus or NOT): Trenton Rally Signup

10-23-13: R.E.A.C.T. Barn Fundraiser!

Join us at The Black River Barn for Lunch or dinner to raise funds to put up a billboard in town.  20% of your bill will be donated by The Black River Barn to R.E.A.C.T. for this endeavor. Share the flyer below with your friends, family, neighbors, and strangers.

REACT Barn Fundraiser 4

10-21-13: R.E.A.C.T. Six Open Volunteer Positions

Want to be more involved with R.E.A.C.T.? Have a passion to lead others and engage the Roxbury community on Environmental issues? Enjoy using your skills to help your community? Want get out from behind the keyboard?

- School Liaison: Contact Shannon Caccavella, shancacc@optonline.net
- Roxbury Education Association Liaison: Contact Shannon, shancacc@optonline.net
- Social Media Coordinator: Contact Bob Schultz, bob@techprosllc.com
- Marketing/Communication Coordinator: Contact Stephen Denis, marketing@reactnj.org
- Research Assistant: Contact Bill Morrocco, morrow373@gmail.com
- Public Outreach: Contact Nicole Faulkner, nefaulkner1970@gmail.com

12-9-13: Open Public Meeting!

at Horseshoe Lake Senior Center from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Find out the latest information about the Fenimore Landfill, what you can do to help, and have questions answered. EVERYONE is welcome and encouraged to attend including your kids and pets. Media are attending as well. Share the flyer below with your friends, family, neighbors, and strangers.

10-15-13: Calling Campaign to the Governor, NJDEP, and NJDOH.

Lets coordinate our efforts and slam the Governor, DEP, and DOH with calls tomorrow 10/15 and let them know we don’t want a scrubber and smoke stack… we want our mountain back!! Below is contact information for each agency as well as some talking points that might help you get the ball rolling…call the Governor first, then the DEP, then DOH. Take 15 minutes out of your day and make a difference!

Governor’s Office: 609-292-6000
Governor Chief of Staff Kevin O’Dowd: 609-777-2475
NJDEP, Bob Martin’s Office: 609-292-2885
NJDOH, Mary O’Dowd’s Office: 609-292-7837
NJDOH, Joe Eldridge: (609) 826-4920

Talking Points:

1. Long Term Solution: We don’t want a long-term gas mitigation system and don’t understand why don’t we have a say in the solution when we are the most impacted in terms of our quality of life, health and safety, and property values? We don’t want the gas mitigation system because of the following concerns:

  • Potential issues with the long term operation and maintenance and associated funding
  • Concerned if it will really eliminate 100% of the toxic gas emissions
  • We don’t want to live at the mercy of this equipment and the landfill operator, having to check daily monitors and have a threat of additional exposure or evacuation for the next 20 years if the equipment goes down or there is an extended power outage
  • We don’t want industrial equipment and smoke plumes hundreds of feet from our property. Who will ever buy our homes? Who will pay for our decreased property values?

2. Truck it Out: Given the uncertainties and risks with any gas mitigation system, why won’t you seriously consider trucking it out?

  • You indicate that it is too costly and will lead to dangerously high gas emissions – where is the cost analysis and scientific evidence to support that assertion?
  • The Town has experts evaluating the situation who aren’t ruling this out as a viable option. Why isn’t the DEP considering this?
  • Demand the removal of the hundreds of thousands of tons of contaminated material that the DEP allowed to be dumped at the former Fennimore landfill because it is the only proven and permanent remediation that will eliminate potential air pollution emanating from the SEP/NJDEP operation. This will completely restore residents safety, quality of life and property values, as well as restore the township’s status as one of the 2011 “America’s Promise Alliance 100 Best Communities for Young People” The Township can accept no other solution for this enormous problem.

3. Health Impacts: Residents are in dire need of temporary relocation or respite, and air purifiers. Why hasn’t the DOH performed a health survey? Why isn’t the CDC involved? All the DOH has done was compared levels from the monitors with some screening standards and ignored all the medical issues / claims the residents have informed them about.

4. Accountability: Reinforce the the notion that this mess is the fault of the NJDEP and Christie Administration for:

  • Wrongfully approving this project on a site that was found in 2005 to pose no threats to the environment or human health
  • Failure to oversee and police SEP operations
  • Wrongfully allowing thousands of tons of C&D material to be dumped with no mitigation systems in place or in the project plans
  • Wrongfully allowing a felon to operate a landfill
  • Why should Roxbury have to live with and suffer from even the slightest remnant of this failed project? Who is accountable for this? What disciplinary action is has been served upon those responsible?
  • Why has the DEP and DOH repeatedly ignored requests for a meeting with township residents? We deserve a face to face meeting with our government to discuss this critical issue (and the hotline and email address are not an acceptable way to communicate because it only results in delayed and canned responses).

Ask about some of these items or whatever is on your minds, but lets let them know we are not going away until we get the answers we deserve!

9-30-13: REACT Introductory Flyer

Download it here: REACT Intro FAQ Flyer 2

8-7-13: REACT petitions NJDEP to remove all post-2010 material from Fenimore!

Please sign our petition HERE so Roxbury can go back to “normal”.  It’s time to make an IMPACT for Roxbury with REACT. We have started a petition to the NJDEP to remove all the material SEP dumped in the Fenimore Landfill. Share with your family, friends, neighbors, and anyone else you might know. Every signature counts! It will only take one minute of your time to make a difference!!

THANK YOU ALL for making an impact with REACT!  <3

Our Mission: To create a cleaner sustainable future and quality of life in Roxbury Township by partnering with the community, business leaders and environmental organizations to address, educate and resolve environmental issues.

We have elected to partner with the New Jersey Highland Coalition since they have the experience, resources, and reputation in supporting organizations in the their quest to prevent and resolve environmental issues.

We are just getting started and  need your help!  Please Donate or Volunteer your time to help ensure the future of Roxbury Township.

Fenimore Landfill: You can read more about Fenimore at our other website: FENIMORE

Meeting: Our next open meeting to the public is in planning stages and will be announced next week so please stay tuned.  This meeting will give you the opportunity to meet us, listen to our presentation about Fenimore and provide additional details since the last meeting, and what you can do to help!  Hope to see you there!!